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Fitness Instagram

You follow one fitness account on Instagram and suddenly your search tab is flooded with a never-ending stream of shirtless guys working out and trying to promote their fitness channels/"brands."

To this I ask: What even is the point?

There's a million of these accounts already and I can't imagine the amount of time that gets spent into putting content together for this. I'm saying this as a fitness enthusiast who appreciates the beauty of sculpted male form just as much I appreciate the beauty of hour-glass curves on women.

There's so much of this same content that as a viewer of all of this, I don't care who you are and the sea of shaped pecs and abs all seems to blend together. Some of these people have hundreds of thousands of followers and they look the same as the guy one image tile over.

This is demonstrating value, but at such a distance there will never be any personal connection and these posts are uninteresting because of that.

Also the selling of workout programs from this crowd, many of who have no credentials or claim to fame of any sort also get me. There's a million ways to workout, and following some rando from the internet is about as beta as you can get - like wearing a jersey with the name of a professional athlete printed across your back. We shouldn't need any of that anyway because we should be sharing tips and learning from the guys in our local gyms.

We are living in a overcrowded and lonely dystopia. We are posting into the void.