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Rotting Safari

This is true. https://twitter.com/xenadu02/status/1191067804285358080?s=20

05:02 PM ‐ Nov. 3, 2019

However you don’t even to look at API count benchmarks to know that this is also true. Ask _any_ front end dev about iOS. https://twitter.com/slightlylate/status/1191027005342404608?s=21

05:04 PM ‐ Nov. 3, 2019

He likes native software, and the web shouldn’t attempt to imitate. Fine. But ask _any_ native dev how their software is selling on iOS and the Mac these days. Why should 3rd party devs put attention on either platform? https://twitter.com/xenadu02/status/1191071099288571904?s=20

05:08 PM ‐ Nov. 3, 2019

For myself, I used to love Mac development (this does not include iOS). Obj-C was strange coming from a C++ world, but I was still a very fresh programmer and barely knew OOP, let along DS & algo. But I got there eventually.

05:16 PM ‐ Nov. 3, 2019

Then Swift came along and took all the enjoyment out of it, which was really the turning point for me. Then the bottom really fell out in the 3rd party Apple software market. I’ve always _really_ been a web dev, even if I bitch about it from time to time.

05:16 PM ‐ Nov. 3, 2019

But I won’t be investing any more time or attention into dev-ing native Apple software because they treat devs like shit. Web is the only place to go and should be the first place any dev launches their work (exception for intense multimedia apps).

05:16 PM ‐ Nov. 3, 2019

Really, the App Store and Apple platforms are set up today for people who have an existing product or service and simply need to extend a “richer” experience to their existing customers.

05:16 PM ‐ Nov. 3, 2019